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Mixes of liquids for electronic cigarettes in Malay style with a European accent

Mnstrs - a variety of semi-mythical creatures, anciently invisibly living side by side with the human in his dwelling. They carefully observe people, adopt customs and habits, copy and mimic people, while remaining invisible to them. People, on the other hand, are so inattentive and infatuated with themselves that they practically do not notice their inseparable companions.

Of course, for the long history of our coexistence, people, even for all their short-sightedness, could not help but suspect the presence of uninvited neighbors. Many have noticed a strange, seemingly extraneous, noise in the house. Some, more attentive, had seen the monsters with their own eyes on those rare moments when the evil spirits, carried away by something important or interesting, lost for a moment its inherent gift of conspiracy. The most fortunate people even had the opportunity to communicate with monsters. From these rare, fragmentary contacts, myths and legends about the house-ghosts, ghosts, poltergeists and other mysterious creatures that exist in most cultures were born.

It should be noted that monsters are almost completely not dangerous for people. The biggest harm they can cause to the people is to spit in the soup, causing him to sour in a matter of hours. Well, or, for example, start playing with personal stuff of teir neighbor, scattering them in a mess around the room. Agree, more than a petty trick such offense does not pull.

Monsters can have different appearance and character. It is noticed that a character living in a house of a man is similar in many aspects to the owner of a dwelling. What is the reason - whether in the propensity of these creatures to imitate or in the desire to settle together with similar people in nature - is for certain unknown.

Our invisible companions have outstanding vitality. Fires, natural disasters, and even bloody clashes with relatives are not dangerous to their life and health at all. And all that thanks to special potion-elixirs, recipes of which inventive creatures have spied on alchemists at the time, and later have considerably improved. Monsters regularly use miraculous elixirs in the form of drops. People who are lucky enough to try these liquids say that their taste and aroma are simply divine.

Жидкость Monster Drops Energy Torgl


Elixir of a popular energy drink flavored with berries, lychee and mint. The most versatile and balanced taste in the series

Жидкость Monster Drops Berry Brzr


Elixir of garden and forest berries with the cooling effect and black currant in the foreground. The most gentle and delicate taste in the series

Жидкость Monster Drops Corny Miky


Elixir of vanilla milk with popcorn and barely noticeable notes of strawberries and green tea. The most cozy and home-made taste in the series

Жидкость Monster Drops Herb'l Grdn


Elixir of lemongrass with blueberries and mint. Herbal spice fragrant in the foreground. Dedicated to fans of natural products and exotic cuisine!

Жидкость Monster Drops Chainiy Chucky


Elixir of different sorts of tea with mint and essential oil of lemon peel. Dedicated to connoisseurs and gourmets! The taste of this liquid is really well revealed in RDA

Жидкость Monster Drops Coola Kolla


Elixir of lime, berries and mint, generously topped with a fragrant cola. The brightest and most cheerful taste in the series

Жидкость Monster Drops Chewy Bluebr


A taste of blueberry chewing gum with mint and Chinese green tea. The most intense taste in the series


The liquid for electronic cigarettes of the Monster Drops series is a premium quality for more than an affordable price. Nicotine that is used here should be especially noted. It is so highly purified that even e-liquid contains 6 mg of nicotine which can easy.

VG / PG = 70/30. Nicotine of the highest degree of purification: 0, 3, 6 mg / ml. VG, PG and flavors from the US and EU. Plastic bottle with a thin spout - it is convenient to drip into the RDA and fill the tank.

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